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What Lessons Has EMS Learned from the COVID-19 Pandemic?

February 18, 2021: What have been the major lessons for EMS through the COVID-19 pandemic, and how can we leverage these lessons to enhance the EMS transformation?

Responding to and Preparing for Acts of Violence

February 16, 2021: Strategy and tactics discussed provide guidelines and best practices for departments of any size or configuration.

Too Hot to Handle: Prehospital Stabilization of the Burn Patient

January 25, 2021: Case studies to highlight the role of EMS in the stabilization of the burn patient.

Backdrafts, Smoke Explosions, and Other Fireground Phenomena

December 10, 2020: The video spread across the Internet, causing many to ask, “What the hell was that?”

Management Education of Personnel During COVID-19

December 10, 2020: earn how Davie (FL) Fire Rescue and Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue managers responded to the challenge and implemented and improved processes to communicate with, update, and educate their personnel.

Performance Under Pressure: Building a Reality-Based Training Program

Dec. 3, 2020: Athletes, military, and law enforcement have been using Reality-Based Training to train the body and mind for performance for decades.

On the Road – Training, Logistics and More With Chief Halton and Friends

The chief and his friends are going to be discussing training, logistics, tracking, structural firefighting, wildland firefighting and a host of other pertinent issues.

Webcast: Advancing Protection – PBI® Peak 5, Titanium™, Agility® Tactical

October 27, 2020: See how TenCate Protective Fabrics is engineering products tuned to the specialized wants and needs of real end-users.

Webcast: Challenging Trauma Cases

Oct. 13, 2020: Dr. Dennis and Dr. Kramer discuss unique and complex trauma cases that will challenge your assessment skills and assist you in treating trauma patients in the future.

Webcast: Acute Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: Making the Diagnosis and Understanding the Long-Term Risks

Oct. 8, 2020: In this webcast you will learn about: Epidemiology of CO poisoning; Source of CO; Clinical signs and symptoms; Delayed effects; Prehospital treatment; ED management; and Hyperbaric management.


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