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Duty to Act: Maintaining Compassion and Safety for Difficult Patients

June 10: Recent societal events have focused on misconduct by law enforcement and improper use of various restraint mechanisms. This dynamic and thought-provoking session will discuss the legal liability and the untoward medical effects of physical and chemical restraints. Join legal and clinical experts as they address the challenging “dual role” of the EMS practitioner in ensuring both patient and bystander safety and at the same time remaining an ardent patient advocate when dealing with difficult patients or persons in custody.

Out of Air – Air Management Then and Now

June 8: For many years, the “Out of Air” video, produced by the Firesmoke Coalition, has been a powerful training tool used to supplement progressive Air Management programs in fire departments across the world. The personal stories of those impacted by being “out of air” and the wisdom of fire service luminaries such as John Norman, John Mittendorf, Bobby Halton and the late Alan Brunacini spoke to the critical need of making air management a priority.

Fire Smoke: The Hidden Dangers

June 4: Discussion includes the hidden dangers, overcoming complacency, smoke toxicity, air management, atmospheric monitoring, personal protective equipment care and maintenance, firefighter washing down and decon, and emerging options for improving health and training and policies.

Rigs, Records, and Risks: Managing Fire Department Inspection Info

May 20: What legal considerations should fire departments be concerned with when it comes to maintaining records of inspections related to apparatus, inventory, controlled substances, and so forth?

COVID-19 – Mental Fatigue and EMS Resilience

May 18: Multiple stressors are further aggravating mental fatigue and “burnout” among EMS professionals. This session will describe factors impacting the psychological resilience of the EMS workforce and explore strategies to improve the health and wellness of our community.

Lead, Survive, and Thrive: Developing Fire Service Leaders

May 6: Acquire the tools to effectively operate as an officer in today’s internal and external environments.

The Cutting Edge: Extrication Evolutions and Patient Management Today

April 29: Dave Dalrymple integrates training and tool considerations with patient management priorities to help you succeed at today’s extrication scenes.

COVID Vaccine and Variants: What Does it Mean for EMS?

April 27: This webcast will provide a brief overview of the latest information on safety and effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines available in the US, as well as the evolution of SARS-CoV-2 variants. The presenters will also discuss the impact of variants and vaccines on EMS operations.

The Successful Fire Department: Planning, Budgeting and Execution

April 14: Learn from two of America’s most successful chiefs how they navigated the budgeting processes and secured the supplies and equipment needed to keep their organization world class.

From the Firehouse to the Fire Floor: Critical Initial Assignments in a High-Rise Firefight

April 8: Fighting fires in high-rise buildings is dangerous and labor intensive; thus, incident commanders must have a well-established plan that has been proven through training.


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