Three-Alarm Fire at Manhattan Box 1057

(Skyler Fire, YouTube)

Fire in the rear with extension into four floors


Location: 54 West 75th St

Fire was in a shed in the rear with extension to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Floors


  1. Street
  2. Similar Attached
  3. Unknown
  4. Similar Attached

BC10 All Hands with Extra Engine & Truck

E040 E044 E023 E039
L025 T035 T013F
BC10 BC09
RS01 SQ18
DC03 RA01

E022 L016 s/c

BC10 transmit a 2nd Alarm. Don’t have water on the fire yet

2nd Alarm
E054 E076 E008
E009 w/ SAT 1
L004 L011(Act L002) L043
T022F s/c

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Avoiding Crosstalk On Scene
Cross Talk
Radio Communications: Straight Talk or Just Chatter
Radio Reports: A Review

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DC03 we have extension to the 2nd & 3rd floor. We have water on the fire

DC03 s/c an additional fast truck. Putting Tower Ladder 13 to work as a TL

MD to DC03 SB recommends you use a FAST Engine until the Fast Truck arrivals

DC03 we are using another unit until the Fast Truck arrives. Ladder 4 is being used

DC03 4 L/S 3 in Opp. DWH s/c 2 additional Trucks

DC03 have those trucks report in with 10 Foot Hooks

DC03 s/c 2 additional Battalions

DC03 transmit a 3rd Alarm we have fire in the walls on the 4th floor

3rd Alarm
E026 E047 E053 E034
T021 T026 L024 L040 s/c
BC33(Air Recon)
C06(Manhattan Borough Commander)
C22B(Fleet Mechanic Supervisor)
C12C(Extra Safety Chief)
C23D(Press Duty)

DC03 have all 3rd Alarm companies respond into the command post.

Mixer Off Message

FC s/c 2 additional truck companies

FC per Car-6 4 L/S/O MBFKD. PWH

Mixer Off Message

FC s/c 2 trucks into the command post

FC per Car-6 All Primary & Secondary Searches are complete & Negative Under Control

Under Control at 12:08 Duration 1 Hour 23 Minutes

Squad 288 Act. Rescue 1
Engine 224 Act. Engine 1
Engine 1 Act. Engine 23
Engine 80 Act. Engine 74
Engine 93 Act. Engine 37
Ladder 11 Act. Ladder 2
Ladder 140 Act. Ladder 2
Ladder 8 Act. Ladder 4
Ladder 14 Act. Ladder 13
Ladder 12 Act. Ladder 35
Ladder 34 Act. Ladder 43
Ladder 54 Act. Ladder 22
Ladder 55 Act. Ladder 26
Ladder 146 Act. Ladder 12
Battalion 1 Act. Battalion 9
Battalion 45 Act. Battalion 8
Battalion 48 Act. Battalion 6
Battalion 49 Act. Battalion 12

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