Resident Harasses Firefighters at Brooklyn Fire

Box 1060, multiple calls of persons trapped, and an angry resident on the scene wanting water on the fire.
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A little bit of anger at Brooklyn Box 1060

FlipSwitch Games

First of all I just wanna commend the members operating on how well they kept their composure and stuck to their duties while having a resident from the building scream and yell at them. Let me just point out how quickly they had water on the fire.

I arrived with the first due units and within 2 minutes the fire was completely knocked down. 95% of onlookers have no idea about firefighting operations and clearly this guy was angry his building was on fire. The members did well on the way they handled this.

Box 1060
Montgomery and Nostrand Fire in a Multiple Dwelling

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Fire Location: 377 Montgomery St

E-249 gave the 10-75

Box loaded up. Reports of person trapped

Fire 3rd Floor of a 6 story MD

L-123 Fast

B-41 extra Engine & Truck while en route

BKD transmits the All Hands

Extra Engine & Truck E-219 & L-105


B-41 2 L/S 1 in Opp

B-41: We have a heavy clutter condition in the fire apt. – 20:28

D-15: Special call 3 additional trucks (TL-111, L-174 & L-102) – 20:32

D-15: We need 1 more additional truck (L-108 act. 132) – 20:45

D-15: We need another additional truck (TL-119) – 20:54

D-15: Special call another truck (TL-107 act. 111) – PWH – 21:10

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