Quick Vent at Massachusetts House Fire

Watch firefighters quickly open the roof at this house fire in Fitchburg.
(rickbome, YouTube)

Fireground footage from Fitchburg


Working Fire Abbot Ave Fitchburg MA –
Raw – Unedited

03:50 On Scene

No occupants in the house at the time.
Assist on scene by Leominster, Lunenburg, Westminster

Fitchburg, Massachusetts, USA
Using Viofo A119v3 and Canon PowerShot ELPH 180
and Movai Video Suite 16

FireRescue Magazine:
Considerations for Safe, Effective & Coordinated Vertical Ventilation
How Roof Materials Affect Ventilation Ops

Roof Ventilation: The Cut is the Easy Part
The Why & When of Ventilation
Working on Peaked Roofs

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