Last Run for FDNY Rescue Company 1 Firefighter

Firefighter Kroth served over 20 years at Rescue 1

(Skyler Fire, YouTube)

Skyler Fire, with permission – Firefighter Kroth Served over 20 years at R1! Happy Retirement Kev! Thanks for Everything! Have a Safe and Healthy Retirement God Bless!

THEMAJESTIRIUM1, with permission – Here you will see a modest tribute to FDNY Rescue 1 member Kevin Kroth, who retired after over 20 years of service at the FDNY. God bless and happry retirement Kevin.

Gettin Salty Experience – Our good friend Kevin Kroth who is the senior man at FDNY Rescue Company 1, retired this past Thursday. Here he is making one of his last runs lol pretty f@$kin salty . He had over 30+ years on the job and over 20+ in the Rescue. We had alot of laughs over the years brudda. Hope you have a long and healthy life in retirement. As you guys would say..”Outstanding”. See you soon the boys from Gettin Salty

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