Indianapolis Diesel Fuel Tanker Fire

Water supply and foam operations on
I-465 SB

(Indianapolis Fire Department, YouTube)

Indianapolis Fire Department – Firefighters used a combination of water and Cold Fire (cooling agent) foam to extinguish a 3,000 gallon diesel fuel tanker fire on I465 SB early this morning at 8:04 am. The driver of the truck, unharmed, told firefighters that he believes the drive shaft came loose and punched a hole in the tank. He heard a loud bang, pulled over and jumped out the truck.

The labor intensive effort of establishing an adequate water supply ensued and involved the use of 3 tankers (16, 55 & 42), dump tanks and the closest hydrant just off the Washington Street exit. At total of 12 round trip fills and dumps for a total of 42,000 gallons, along with the Cold Fire, was used to extinguish the high intensity blaze.

Haz Mat Tactical Teams 44, 31, 19 & 18 used all available resources to contain the blaze and confine the runoff. Despite the best efforts of utilizing booms, powder and foam, some runoff reached a nearby creek and traveled about 1/2 mile north.

In all, 39 IFD apparatus and 1 from City of Lawrence took part in this effort. The fire was marked under control in 1.5 hours. Once the blaze was extinguished, the Airport Fire Crash Truck marked on scene and gave the truck a final wet down with water from their 3,000 gallon truck.

1 firefighter sustained significant injury — a laceration to the face – after a side view mirror on the engine made contact with a side view mirror on a semi while en-route. The glass from the mirror shattered, flew into the open window of the engine and hit the firefighter in the face. Transported to Eskenazi by Medic 44.

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