Firehouse Overhaul: The Introduction

Restoring Morale, Rebuilding Tradition

(Firehouse Overhaul, YouTube)

Firehouse Overhaul

After nearly 9 years of building the most successful T-Shirt Club for fire enthusiasts, we’ve solidified our place as the original t-shirt club that features authentic t-shirts from real fire stations as well as the t-shirt club that gives the most back to the men and women that we represent each month. In fact, over $100,000 has gone back to fire stations since 2011 in the way of donations. This year we’re raising the bar considerably.

In the Spring of 2020, Firehouse Shirt Club will be adding a new t-shirt to the wardrobe and we like to call it “Firehouse Overhaul“.

Thanks to the support of our dedicated subscribers will we continue to give back every month to the stations we feature, but this year we’re going bigger. A lot bigger.

We are incredibly proud and honored to announce that the first Firehouse Overhaul will be at Station 45 in Houston, Texas. Our team as well as several other firemen and local businesses who have offered to dedicate their time and resources will be in Houston this Spring to Overhaul Station 45 for our fellow brothers and sisters. To say we’re excited to be working on this great station is an understatement.

Do us all a favor and follow us on various social media platforms as we push content and perform our first Firehouse Overhaul.


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