Firefighters at Funeral Rush into Burning Brooklyn Supermarket and Save Shoppers

Video shows firefighters in uniforms and kilts rushing into a burning Brooklyn supermarket.
(FDNY Lover, YouTube)

Firefighters in Class A uniforms and kilts evacuate
40 people from the store

FDNY Lover, Steve Cutlas

Address: 9606 3rd Avenue – at 96 Street

Fire on the roof of a 1 story 80×60 commercial.

1343 – Brooklyn – Fire marshal is on scene, reporting fire through the roof.

1344 – E-242 – 10-75 the box. Fire on the roof of a 1 story super market.

FireRescue Magazine: The Off-Duty Rescue


Fire after Harry Gillen’s funeral. Members in class A’s and kilts first due to Brooklyn *10-75* Box 1191. 9606 3rd Ave. 4/30/21 @ 1342 hoursFire on the roof 1 story commercial with extension into the cockloft. On the day of Harry Gillen’s funeral, a fire started on the roof of the building directly between the funeral home and the bar where his reception was being held. The funeral mass had just ended a block away and members were walking to the reception at the time and noticed fire from the roof of the Met Fresh supermarket, 9606 3rd Ave. between the McLaughlin Funeral home and the Wicked Monk where the reception was being held. Members of Ladder 131 in full class A uniforms and members of the FDNY Emerald Society Pipes and Drums band in kilts entered the supermarket and did a primary search and evacuated 40 people from the store. Members of Engine 279 in class A’s assisted in stretching lines into the building. Ladder 131 was relocated to L149, the first due truck. There were minor injuries to members and some class A’s were destroyed from the fire dropping down, but the fire was place under control at 1500 hours. Clearly Harry Gillen’s spirit was looking down on us all and this just goes down as another incredible Harry Gillen story which is almost impossible to believe. Attached is the video of the members in uniform and kilts running into the burning building.

L-168 FAST

1347 – Bn. 42 – Let me get an extra Tower Ladder on this box (TL-114).

1351 – Bn. 42 – All Hands – Water on the fire. We have 1 L/S/O and we’re setting up a Tower Ladder. Fire is on the roof.

1359 – Div. 8 – 3 L/S, 2 L/O. Searches are in progress. DWH

1401 – Div. 8 – Primaries are complete and negative on the 1st floor.

1406 – Div. 8 – Primaries are negative in the basement. MBFKD. Still checking for pockets of fire. DWH

1422 – Div. 8 – Secondaries are complete and negative. Under Control – Duration 42 minutes.

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E-242, 284, 241, 243
L109,149,168F, 114 s/c
B-42, 40

TL-131 act. TL-149

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