Fairfax County, Virginia Five-Alarm Fire Videos

Fire destroys a construction site

(Qasim Pr, YouTube)

Vennila Films – Fire officials are responding to a 4-alarm fire at a 5-story building under construction in Alexandria, Virginia.

FirefighterNation: Large Fire Destroys Virginia Construction Site

Qasim Pr – A massive fire broke out at the Fairfax County building, Alexandria Virginia. Authorities say the fire has now been “contained”.

We Like Firefighting – Video of fairfax county Virginia fire today with multiple exposures. Video shot by Jon Hurley.

Fort Hunt Herald – Fort Hunt Herald was on the scene of a massive fire at the half-built South Alex development project in Penn Daw in Fairfax County on the morning of Feb. 8th.

Fairfax County Fire and Rescue – video courtesy Bob Pugh.

SKYLINE – Virginia firefighters are still battling a large fire in what remains of a multi-story construction site near the Fair Haven area of Fairfax County, with a large plume of smoke visible for miles.

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