Command Cam: Newark, OH House Fire

View the fire as the incident commander

(David Decker, YouTube)

David Decker – On February 20, 2020 at 2019 hours NFD units were dispatched to the area of 54 Chestnut Street for a report of a fire. While responding, Dispatch reported multiple calls coming in reporting a duplex on fire and it was unknown if the house was occupied. When the call came in, Battalion-1, Ladder-3 and Medic-3 were on an EMS call. Battalion-1 and Ladder-3 were able to clear from the EMS call and respond to the house fire.

The following equipment was on the initial assignment for the house fire:
Rescue-1 (engine/rescue) with a crew of 3 — First Due
Medic-1 with a crew of 2 — Firefighter/paramedics in a transport unit
Engine-2 with a crew of 3
Medic-2 with a crew of 2 – Firefighter/paramedics in a transport unit
Engine-52 with a crew of 2 — Heath Fire Department
Ladder-201 with a crew of 4 — Granville Fire Department

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Upon receiving multiple calls the run was upgraded to a working fire requiring 2 additional engines to be added.
Engine-201 with a crew of 4 — Granville Fire Department
Engine-541 with a crew of 4 (or 5, I can’t remember)- Newark Twp. F.D.

Battalion-1 and Ladder-3 cleared from the EMS run and was added to the fire.
Ladder-3 with crew of 3

Within a few minutes of arriving I requested 2 additional engines due to the cold temperature and volume of fire.
Rescue-101 (engine/rescue) with a crew of 5 — Madison Twp. F.D.
Engine-391 with a crew of 4 — Newton Twp. F.D.

Additional units that responded
Medic-3 with a crew of 2, after clearing from the EMS run they were previously on
Medic-101 with a crew of 3 — Madison Twp. F.D.
Rescue-51 (engine/rescue) with a crew of 4 — Heath F.D.
Support 401 — West Licking F.D. rehab/canteen unit
I-20 NFD Fire Marshal (Fire investigator and police officer)
Prevention-2 (Fire Investigator and Fire Inspector)

As mentioned at the begin of the video, this is the 18th fire in Newark since January 1st. Needless to say our investigators have been very busy. Several of these fires have been determined to be a human act for various reasons or motives. Because these fires are under investigation I am limited about what details I can release, so as not to compromise any ongoing investigation. This fire is under investigation. Here is a link to some media coverage regarding the numerous fires including an interview by Chief Connor.…

This video was recorded with a Motorola Z Force Droid cellphone, which limits the length of my video to about 30 minutes.

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