Collapse of Abandoned Structure in Brooklyn

(Skyler Fire, YouTube)

Rescue 2 and Rescue 4 at work at Box 0124


Skyler Fire – Address: 204 Bedford Ave. off North 6th St.

Collapse of the 2nd & 3rd floors of a vacant 3 story 20×60 mixed occupancy

E-221: We have a collapse of the 2nd & 3rd floors on to the street – Trying to determine if its an occupied or vacant building – 12:50

B-45: We’re evacuating 206 & 202 Bedford at this time – 12:58

B-45: 204 Bedford is a vacant – Rescue is going in to perform a quick search – 13:00

B-45: Primaries are negative in the basement & first floor – Unable to perform searches on the 2nd & 3rd floors due to the stability of the building – 13:02

B-45: All Hands – 2 precautionary L/S – PWH – 13:16

E-221, 229, 238, 216
L-146, 106, 119F
B-45, 35
L-170 SOC Support
R-2 w/ CR-2, R-4

THEMAJESTIRIUM1 – Here you will see the FDNY operating at a facade collapse cuased by Tropical Storm Isaias on Bedford Avenue in the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn in New York.

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