Chicago House Fire

Take a look at some the rigs that responded to this house fire in Chicago.
(Metra force, YouTube)

Raw footage from North St. Louis Avenue

Metra force

Chicgo Fire Department responding and on scene to a house fire (structure fire) at 2448 N St Louis Ave. Coincidentally I was heading to a store near there when I saw multiple CFD units responding and checked to see there was a fire there and by the time I got there the fire was nearly put out that quick. Sorry for the dropped FPS my camera was acting up didn’t noticed till after T13 first time. No injuries reported

Units: T13(Spare), SQ2/2A, T28, T35, E91, E43, PFC 4-5-2, B17, B7, A15, A52, A62, (A10 Responding to another call)

Taken 6/14/21 at 5:20-6:06pm

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