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Downtown Phoenix Abandoned Building Fire

Watch Phoenix firefighters go to the roof and work on opening up this burning abandoned building.

Video, Audio of Rescue at Millbourne, Pennsylvania Apartment Fire

Dispatchers work with firefighters for a successful rescue at this Pennsylvania fire.

Worcester Basement Fire

Firefighters open up the structure to extinguish the fire.

Drone Deployed at Brooklyn Three-Alarm Blaze

Fire in a one-story 100x100 commercial structure.

Three-Alarm Auto Body Shop Fire in Brooklyn

Foam unit and more at this three-alarm commercial structure fire.

Fire Showing in Cleveland

Fire showing from a second floor of a house as firefighters go to work.

Command Post View at Manhattan Fire

See work going on at the command post at Manhattan Box 1258.

Los Angeles County Commercial Structure Fire

Exterior operations for a fire in an abandoned building.

Bowie, Maryland House Fire

Firefighters inside of the structure reported a partial collapse of the second floor living room area.

Arrival at Grapevine, Texas Apartment Fire

Watch Grapevine firefighters go to work at an apartment fire.


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