Audio, Video of FDNY Fire Engine Crash

(Skyler Fire, YouTube)

Engine 254 collides with a car and the strikes a building

Skyler Fire

FIRE ENGINE CRASH INTO BUILDING ⭐️ Box 3311 FDNY Engine 254 Involved in Accident with Audio

FirefighterNation: FDNY Fire Engine Crashes into Building

FDNY Response Videos

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Box 3311 – 437 Ave U. x. E.4 St. FDNY Apparatus into Bldg. Engine 254 swerved to avoid a Mercedes Benz and struck the car in the rear driver side wheel and continued into the structure. Only minor injuries. 5 people were rescued from the exposure building via tower ladder.
E-254: Urgent – We’ve been in a collison at Ave. U & East 4th St. – We need a truck & a BC –
23:31 TL-153: We’ve been in contact with E-254 on the HT, it sounds like they went into a building – Transmit the box
23:34 Minor technical rescue matrix assigned. B-33: We had a collison between an FDNY unit & a civilian vehicle – 1 member being removed from the FD rig – No injuries in the civilian vehicle – Have all units continue in
23:39 E-227 transporting CR-2 D-15: We’re using the address of 439 Ave. U – We removed 5 civilians from the 2nd floor of 437 Ave. U via the TL – Special call 1 additional truck into the CP (L-156) – 01:15


Here you will see the aftermath of a very serious MVA involving FDNY Engine 254 and a car, which sent the Engine into a building on Avenue U on the Gravesend area of Brooklyn in New York City.

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