Using the Can

Dale G. Pekel – This video reviews the setup and use of a pressurized water extinguisher or what’s commonly referred to as a “CAN”.

Considered by many FFs as “Bread and Butter” operations, using any extinguisher proficiently is what separates the Professional from the Novice.

The “live fire” portion shown in the demo is recorded by both a mini HD FireCam and an MSA thermal imaging camera (model 5200). They are shot simultaneously with the FireCam photage running first followed by the thermal imaging view.

Each camera shows the same segment consecutively in real time. Pay close attention to the HEAT BAR GRAPH on the right side of the thermal imaging view when the couch is fully involved to the point where the fire is knocked down – You’ll see a significant drop in temperature.

Train, Stay Prepared, Be Aggressive, Make the Save – SURVIVE!

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