The Door Closest to Apparatus

A UL FSRI Tactical Consideration

UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute – This Tactical Consideration video features UL FSRI’s Advisory Board Member, FDNY Captain John Ceriello explaining why the door closest to the apparatus should not dictate line placement. It also features an experiment conducted with the Milwaukee Fire Department during the exterior fire spread and attic fire project. In these types of houses, which are common in Milwaukee, MFD will stretch to the B or D side door at the C side because it directly accesses the stair to all 3 floors of the house. The front door provides access to the first floor but would make for a difficult stretch to the second floor or basement.

More often than not, the first line stretched on the fire goes through the front door. More often than not, that is where the first line stretched should go. But why? If we don’t understand the “why” behind the rule, then we will never know when to make exceptions to it. The reason for using the front door as your default entry into the building has to do with the interior layout, NOT with the door’s relation to the street.” Discuss the why of line placement with your crews and when it should and should not go to the door closest to the apparatus.


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