Lessons Learned: Loudoun County, Virginia’s Meadowood Court Fire

"I've got firefighters diving out the rear of the structure."
Photos of heat exposure on the helmets of injured firefighters from the tower and the reserve engine. (department photos)

Remembering the fire, details, and lessons from a fire that trapped and burned several firefighters in May 25, 2008

FirefighterNation Staff

LOUDOUN COUNTY, Virginia – On May 25, 2008, Loudoun County firefighters responded to a house fire at 43238 Meadowood Court in Leesburg.

Firefighters from Company 6 arrived to see heavy fire coming from a two-story single-family home. Four firefighters quickly entered to search for occupants and begin fire attack while two apparatus operators began exterior tasks. 

A rapid change of fire conditions occurred inside and four firefighters from Engine 6 and Tower 6 became trapped on the second floor.

A mayday transmission was made and the four firefighters were forced to bailout from the house.

During the fire a total of six firefighters were injured. Of those injured, four received significant burn injuries, and two sustained orthopedic injuries.

One firefighter, Lieutenant John Earley, was medically retired due to his burn injuries.

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