Kingman, AZ Training: Lost, Trapped, or Disoriented

Firefighter survival training from the Kingman Fire Department.

Standardized actions for your survival

Kingman Fire Department

This program details the 10 Standardized Actions for a Lost, Trapped or Disoriented Firefighter.

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Houston 2007 – Houston Captain Eric Abbt disoriented on the upper floors of a mid-rise. Part I –… Part II –…
Audio and transcript of Houston Captain Eric Abbt Mayday…
Prince William County (VA) 2010 – Kyle Wilson – Mayday (Disoriented in a residential fire)… Department website – resources for additional review… Investigative Report…
Phoenix 2002 – Bret Tarver Mayday, Southwest Supermarket Fire… Phoenix Fire Department – Investigative Report:… port.5b476dc9241c6.pdf
Dallas 2018 – The Anatomy of a Mayday…
Asheville (NC) 2011 – Captain Bowen disoriented on the upper floor of a commercial mid-rise.…
End of the Line – The Frank Cheatham Story…


How should you initiate a Mayday – LUNAR vs UCAN?
What do we do every day? Under pressure, we resort to muscle memory.

If we use our accountability system properly, we should know the location of the crews operating on the fireground – yes/no?
Names or riding positions?

The need to establish a Rescue Group upon declaration of a Mayday.
Rescue Group manages the firefighter rescue while the IC continues to command the fire.

Channel assignment – Should fireground operations be moved to a second channel to allow the RIT Rescue Group to operate and communicate on with the trapped member on primary channel?

Do we need to conduct a PAR upon declaration of a Mayday?
If not, how do you know the complexity of the problem without a PAR?

 Multi-agency responses – do we truly know who’s operating on the fire-ground?

Inside out and outside in rescue operations.
Discuss pros and cons.

 What critical factors need to be considered for each?  Think air, adrenaline and DISCIPLINE.

What role do Standard Fire ground Orders play in preventing a fireground Mayday event?
Critical tasks – i.e., water supply IS prioritized and assigned early.

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