FDIC 2019: Rural Engine Company Operations

Richard Ray
Battalion Chief
Durham (NC) Fire Department

Thursday, April 11, 2019: 10:30 AM – 12:15 PM

The focus is on improving efficiency and safety on the fireground for volunteer and rural engine company firefighters. The principles covered are based on engine companies that respond in rural areas where the challenges of nozzle and hose packages, water supply, apparatus setup, and staffing affect fireground success. Once the engine has arrived on the scene of a building fire, do you have the firefighters and the equipment on the engine to effectively perform all the functions of the engine company? This presentation presents students with safe, effective ways to train and equip the rural engine company to get the job done.

The Rural Engine Company will be an interactive class that will involve discussion from the attendees. The format will be in Microsoft PowerPoint utilizing videos and pictures to reinforce points discussed and to allow the students to visualize successes and failures of rural engine company operations. Additionally, there will be a limited amount of equipment that will enhance the students experience. The desire is to correlate information from the class with the attendee’s respective department by using common engine company principles and experiences.

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