Can of Soup Training

A look at a unique SCBA drill

(Virginia Beach Fire Department Training, YouTube)

VBFD Training – Captain Kurt Southall answers that age old question about what to do if you eat more than your SCBA mask can hold!

Take a look at a Fire Engineering Mayday Monday training prompt from Tony Carroll on this subject.

“This month’s firefighter survival drill uses a can of soup. How will a can of soup help save firefighters? Think vomit! While a disgusting thought, it is a very real possibility and a life-threatening emergency when a firefighter vomits into his face piece. In 2010, a Kansas firefighter died inside of a large single-family dwelling. He was located by the searching rapid intervention team (RIT). When he was found, his face piece, helmet, and gloves were not on. It is believed that he became ill, vomited, and removed his facepiece in an attempt to clear the material.” READ MORE

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