Company Officer Decision Making

A discussion about training company officers on the decision making process, including the OODA loop and situational awareness.

Truck Company Operations Without The Truck

Arthur Ashley talks about performing "truck work" at fire scene when no ladder truck is present while also being prepared to take on a multitude of other fireground responsibilities.

Effective Roof Operations: Lessons Learned from East to West

Ken Bailey looks at the numbers as well as tactics and strategies to which fire departments must pay attention when conducting operations on the roofs of structures.

Ice Rescue Training in Pennsylvania

Ice rescue training at Moraine State Park in Pennsylvania.

Remembering One Meridian Plaza

The fire claimed the lives of three Philadelphia firefighters and gutted eight floors of a 38-story fire-resistive building.

Training Mental Resilience: More Important Than Hose Drills

We are actually already teaching the essence of yoga to our members, but using different terminology.