IFSI Explorer Cadet Fire School

IFSI welcomed over 200 students and chaperones to the grounds today for four days of hands-on, live fire training. 

Discussing Class B Foam

What are the class B foam capabilities of your engine companies?

Firefighting: Ohio Tanker Operations

Tankers and firefighters from several fire departments responded to a structure fire in Whitewater Township.

Fire Flows from High Pressure to Low Pressure

When you’re on the fireground, it is important to understand the basic fire dynamics principle that gases flow from high pressure to low pressure.

Nashville Housing Trend is a Fire Hazard

Nashville captain says new construction is becoming a fire hazard.

Donor Helps Fight Firefighter Shortage in Ohio

Donation to Cincinnati State for firefighter, EMT and paramedic programs.

Fatal Fires in Residential Buildings

From 2014 to 2016 an estimated 1,800 fatal fires in residential buildings were reported to United States fire departments each year.

Colorado Technical Rescue Training

REMS training with West Metro Fire Rescue.

Building a Training Network That Works

Recognize training needs. Answer the questions who? what? where? when? and how?  We can dream all day, but unless we plan how we are going to accomplish those dreams, they will remain just dreams.

Ladder Packages and Carries

Ground ladder training tips.

Water Supply Evolutions and Pump Operations

Join the discussion about water supply evolutions, pump operations, and driver/engineer training.

UL FSRI: Heat Release Rate vs. Temperature

Learn the difference between heat release rate and temperature and how they relate to the fireground.

Firefighter Training: The Terrace Drop

Getting the hoseline on an exterior upper floor.

Grain Entrapment Rescue Training

Technical rescue training with the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association.

UL Tactical Consideration: Your Workplace Has Changed. You Need to Evolve

The firefighting tactics employed by a previous generation of firefighters were based upon a built environment and the firefighting and safety equipment they had available to them. Today’s firefighters are faced with a different fire problem.

NVFC Opposes Smoke Alarm Installation Skills Added to NFPA 1001

To be clear, the NVFC strongly supports and actively promotes CRR. We simply do not believe that the proposed language is appropriate for the NFPA 1001 document, which identifies minimum job performance requirements (JPRs) for career and volunteer structural firefighters.

UL Training Fires: Ranch Structure Experiments

These experiments looked at how variations in fuel, both NFPA 1403-compliant wood-based fuels and typical home furnishings like sofas and chairs, affected both the energy release rate (i.e., HRR) of the fire along with smoke production, thermal conditions, and the potential for creating ventilation-limited fires.

Tactical Consideration: Follow the Rules of Live Fire Training

Research considerations for your live burn training from UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute.

Firefighter Training: Interior Attack in Germany

Join firefighters in Weeze, Germany as they train on interior fire attack.

EMS Drills for the Engine Company

This is a different approach to proficient medical care by first-arriving engine companies at emergency scenes.


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