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Firefighters Battle Exhaustion and Wildfires

Crews try to contain massive wildfires in Oregon, Washington, and California.

U.S. Forest Service: Firefighter Died in California Wildfire

The death occurred Thursday as crews battled the El Dorado Fire, the agency said in a news release.

Crews Search for Missing Firefighter in California Wildfire

Crews are trying to locate the firefighter, but no specific details were provided.

Hudson, Colorado’s SVI Type 3 Wildland Engine

An 8' aluminum SVI body mounted on a Freightliner 108SD chassis, which houses a powerful 400HP Cummins L9 engine.

New California Law Helps Former Inmate Firefighters Get Jobs

The new law will allow state and county inmates who train as firefighters to seek to erase the criminal records.

Death Toll Reaches 35 in Western Wildfires

The flames up and down the West Coast have destroyed neighborhoods, leaving nothing but charred rubble and burned-out cars, forced tens of thousands to flee.

Dozens Missing as Firefighters Battle Two Large Fires in Oregon

The high number of fires occurring simultaneously in the span of just a few days in Oregon was fueled by dry conditions, high temperatures and especially strong, swirling winds.

Wildfires Cause Evacuation of 500,000 in Oregon

With two large fires threatening to merge, some firefighters in Clackamas County were told to disengage temporarily because of the danger.

At Least 10 Dead as California Wildfire Becomes Deadliest of the Year

The North Complex fire that exploded in wind-driven flames earlier in the week was advancing more slowly Friday.

Officials Squash Rumors of Far Right, Far Left Starting Wildfires

Raging wildfires in the Pacific Northwest have fueled a barrage of false information this week as unsubstantiated social media posts blamed coordinated groups of arsonists from both the far left and far right for setting the blazes.


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