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Paradise: One Year After the Fire

The fire's impacts have been felt far beyond Paradise.

Fact Check Reviews President Trump’s Wildfire Tweets

Professors who study wildfires and the environment counter President Trump’s tweets about the California wildfires.

Paradise Survivors Rebuild One Year Later

Will the resurgent community be safer this time?

Facing Flames and Risks to Photograph California Wildfires

It's smoky, it's hellishly hot and it's dangerous.

Maria Fire Near Los Angeles Burns for Third Day

Nearly 11,000 people evacuated from wildfire in Santa Paula, California.

New Fires in Southern California Burn More Homes

The latest blazes erupted in the heavily populated inland region east of Los Angeles.

Photos: San Bernardino Hillside Fire

Strong winds fanned new fires in Southern California.

Nursing Home Patients Rush to Flee from California Blaze

"There was one moment when I could see nothing but dark smoke and I was like, 'We're going to die,'"

Aspen, CO Type III Wildland Pumper

A new wildland rig for the Aspen Fire Protection District.

Fake Firefighters Reported at California Wildfire

Imposters reported out on the Kincade Fire.


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