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Report: California Encourages Rebuilding in Fire-Prone Areas

State and local policies emphasize retrofitting existing homes and ensuring homes have defensible space and communities have evacuation plans.

Vallfirest Tactical Unit 1

A multi-functional module designed to handle any type of wildland fire emergency.

Wildfires Smolder Across Drought-Stricken Southwest

A wildfire in Arizona that had neighboring New Mexico breathing in smoke was one of several blazes scorching the drought-stricken Southwest, signaling what could be a devastating summer.

The Brand-New Vallfirest Tactical Unit

More than a fire truck with great off-road performance, the Tactical Unit module is a revolutionary asset that can be used to implement a number of attack strategies adapted to the various scenarios that can occur in a wildland operation.
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NFPA and Verisk Collaborate to Promote Importance of Community Wildfire Risk Mitigation

Verisk will leverage the data from the NFPA Firewise USA® recognition program to develop property-level analytics insurers can use to refine their underwriting.

USFA: Analysis of NFIRS Incidents in the Wildland Urban Interface

Using NFIRS data, this report examines the fire incidents in WUI areas in California in terms of travel time, loss measures and fire cause for the years 2009 to 2011 and compares those incidents to those outside WUI areas.

USFA: Wyoming On-Duty Death

Smokejumper/Firefighter Tim Hart was working the Eiks Fire in New Mexico when he was injured.

Wyoming Smokejumper Dies of Injuries Suffered Fighting New Mexico Wildfire

A Wyoming smokejumper has died of injuries suffered last month while fighting a wildfire in New Mexico.

Documentary Tells ‘Forgotten’ Story of Deadly 1977 Honda Canyon Fire

Flames overran the men sometime after 9 a.m., killing Turner, Vandenberg Fire Chief Billy Bell and Assistant Fire Chief Eugene Cooper.

Wildland Firefighter Dies in Off-Duty Fall in Mississippi

Batson decided to take a shortcut from the top of the bluff to a grassy area below by jumping a fence, but he jumped too far.


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