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Firefighter Severely Burned in California Wildfire Leaves Hospital

The crew was overrun and had no time to deploy portable fire shelters.

California Sets Home Hardening Standards to Lower Fire Risks

Incentives for retrofitting older homes to make them more resilient to fires.

Class A Foam Applications for Structural and Wildland Firefighting

How it compares to water in fighting fire.

Union-Backed Bill Gives Job Security to Seasonal Cal Fire Firefighters

Seasonal employees would be covered by the Firefighters Procedural Bill of Rights.

NFPA and State Farm Announce Wildfire Community Preparedness Day Grants

State Farm will once again enable NFPA to provide 150 applicants from across the country with $500 awards to complete a wildfire risk reduction project.

Wildfires Produced Up to Half of Pollution in U.S. West

West Coast and Northern Rockies in particular should expect major smoke events from wildfires to become more frequent.

Family of Pilot Killed in California Wildfire Files Lawsuit

Fournier's aircraft began to spin out of control and plunged to the ground.

Perimeter Solutions Launches Next-Generation, Flagship Long-Term Fire Retardant

PHOS-CHEK LCE20-Fx fire retardant utilizes an environmentally friendly formula to offer superior performance, product safety, and enhanced stability, resulting in easier handling.

On the Road – Training, Logistics and More With Chief Halton and Friends

The chief and his friends are going to be discussing training, logistics, tracking, structural firefighting, wildland firefighting and a host of other pertinent issues.

Glendale, California Gasner Pack Deployment

Initial attack hoseline training.


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