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Safety Stand Down 2021: Rebuild Rehab

This year’s Safety Stand Down will take place June 20-26 and call attention to the need for physical and psychological rehab.

Orlando Pulse Nightclub Shooting Revealed Need for First Responder Training and Support

The chaos left lingering trauma and led local agencies to reexamine the services and preparation available to local rescuers.

NIOSH: Sudden Cardiac Event Claims Illinois Firefighter at Home after Shift

Autopsy findings included cardiomegaly, biventricular myocardial thickening, and left ventricular dilation. Two main arteries had calcified atherosclerotic plaque. The left anterior descending artery had significant stenosis.

Albuquerque Fire Hires First Behavioral Health Director

As the clinical and administrative director for AFR's Firefighter Mental Health and Wellness Program, Dalton-Theodore will train, educate and support peer support firefighters, do clinical assessments on first responders, refer them to clinicians and develop curriculums to address issues like PTSD, substance abuse and suicide.

Self-Care: The Systemic Work-Life Balance and Mental Health Secret

The research overwhelmingly demonstrates that healthy, sustainable behaviors of proper diet, exercise, sleep, positive relationships, and meditation or prayer promote a healthy physical, psychological, social, and spiritual fitness that is beneficial to the individual, family, crew and employer.

Detroit to Enhance Peer Support Service for Firefighters

The audit released Friday is recommending that the city bolster funding and support for the fire department's peer-to-peer counseling program and implement a behavioral health model similar to what's in place in other major cities such as Boston.

North Carolina Firefighters See Progress on PTSD and Safety Bills

Dozens of uniformed firefighters spent Wednesday at the North Carolina General Assembly lobbying for bills to help them and other first responders.

Help is Not Help, Unless it’s Helpful

If you provide a list of resources (digital resource listings, EAP, insurance carriers, hotlines, and the like), vet it first.

Firefighter Line of Duty Deaths: Wellness Counts!

By implementing preventive strategies such as risk screening, exercise training, and sleep hygiene, we can reduce LODDs.

COVID-19 – Mental Fatigue and EMS Resilience

May 18: Multiple stressors are further aggravating mental fatigue and “burnout” among EMS professionals. This session will describe factors impacting the psychological resilience of the EMS workforce and explore strategies to improve the health and wellness of our community.


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