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Hundreds Volunteer to Help Crews Tackle Turkey Wildfires

Hundreds of volunteers have joined efforts to contain blazes that have swept through forests in Turkey’s southern and southwestern coasts.

Oconee Fire Volunteer Hit at Emergency Scene, to Drivers: “Move Over”

He is still recovering from numerous injuries more than two weeks after the accident.

Training Keeps Volunteer and Career Firefighters on the Same Level in Oklahoma Fire Department

"We hold our volunteers to a higher standard, as our fire is just as hot for a full-time and volunteers, so we train them to the same level and our expectations are the same,"

Better Funding, Staffing Helps North Carolina County Fire Departments Improve Response Times

In 2015, amid a national slide in volunteerism, Cleveland County had fewer than 400 volunteer fire fighters across its 12 departments. None of the departments had any staffing during the daytime.

FDIC 2021: Tactical Considerations for Volunteer Fire Departments

Learn 15 basic tactical considerations for preparing for, training for, and prioritizing the fireground based on staffing and equipment when the department uses volunteer firefighters

FDIC 2021: The Professional Volunteer Fire Department

The public's expectations of volunteer firefighters has evolved in recent years.

FDIC 2021: Busting Through Recruitment and Retention Challenges: Developing Your Game Plan

How can departments cost effectively and successfully recruit and retain volunteer firefighters?

The Young Volunteer Fire Officer

Some may say that having young volunteer fire officers is a disadvantage; some say that it is an advantage. Whatever the opinion, it is imperative for a young fire officer to understand how to handle the trials and tribulations associated with the position.

University of Houston Deputy Fire Marshal Charged in Shooting Death of Volunteer Firefighter

An 18-year-old Texas firefighter is dead, and a deputy fire marshal is charged with manslaughter.

Drought Stresses North Dakota Fire Department’s Budget

The severe drought across Stutsman County is taking a toll on the operating budget of the Jamestown Rural Fire Department, according to Brian Paulson, chief of the department.


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