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Fairfax County, Virginia Fire Boat Tour

Each weekend FCFRD Fire Boat 420 will patrol the Potomac and various bays/coves.

Virginia Fire Department Uses Data to Plan Organizational Restructuring

The restructuring will improve daily operations by using the experience of more tenured staff to improve station management, get ahead of personnel and facility issues, and offer professional development opportunities for new frontline supervisors.

Social Media Shoutout: Norfolk Fire Rescue

Innovative approaches to technically challenging calls such as hazardous material responses, technical rescue responses and water rescue emergencies are answered by firefighters who are properly trained and prepared to respond on these calls.

Lessons Learned: Loudoun County, Virginia’s Meadowood Court Fire

"I've got firefighters diving out the rear of the structure."

Retired Virginia Firefighters Increase Rehab Services with New Rig

Donation of a rehab truck helps Fire Support 6 serve firefighters in Petersburg and Tri-Cities area.

Gas Crunch from Cyberattack Leads to Frenzy and Fires

In Florida, a 2004 Hummer was destroyed by fire Wednesday shortly after the driver had filled up four 5-gallon gas containers.

Virginia Beach House Fire Critique

Captain Daniel Woods gives a review of an abandoned house fire.

A Day of Firehouse Life of a Virginia Fire Recruits

Firefighter recruits go through several scenarios simulating a day of firehouse life.

Fire Attack: Chesapeake, Virginia

House fire videos from Chesapeake, Virginia PLUS related training.

Occupants Jump to Escape Norfolk Condo Fire

Norfolk firefighters arrive to see the front of a three-story condo well-involved in fire.


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