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Quick Vent at Massachusetts House Fire

Watch firefighters quickly open the roof at this house fire in Fitchburg.

Lessons from the Groove

If things don't go as expected, check the ego and share so that others may grow.

Close Call after Venting the Roof in California

Watch this roof collapse during a house fire in San Bernardino County.

Venting at a Brooklyn, Ohio House Fire

Watch firefighters arrive at a house fire on Traymore Avenue and go to work.

Opening the Roof in Oakland

Go with the truck company to vent the roof at this apartment fire in Oakland.

Greensburg, Pennsylvania House Fire

Watch firefighters at work on a house fire in Greensburg, Pennsylvania.

Houston 18 First In

Houston Tower and Engine 18 at work on a house fire.

Ladder 26 Takes a Window in Harlem

FDNY at an All-Hands fire in a multiple dwelling on Lenox Avenue in Harlem.

Fire in the Hole!

Even the "bread and butter" fires have take-aways.

After the Cut

Firefighters review their actions of roof ventilation at a house fire.


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