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Falling Concrete Injures Somerville Firefighters at Garage Fire

Somerville, MA firefighters are hurt by falling concrete during a parking garage fire.

NTSB: Electric Vehicle Battery Fires Pose Risks to Firefighters

Guidelines from manufacturers about how to deal with them have been inadequate.

Pennsylvania EMT Saves Man from Burning Truck

Video of the rescue was captured on the ambulance's dashboard camera.
Firefighters fighting large truck fire at night

Los Angeles Auto, Semi Fire

310Fire video of Los Angeles Fire Department Engine Company 66 at work.

Virginia Fire Chief Rescues Two People from Burning Car

Chief Reeves was on his way home when he arrived at the scene.

Washington Firefighter Saves Driver in Crash

Baergen rescued an unconscious man from a burning car.

FDNY Fireboat Extinguishes Car Fire

Units having a hard time accessing the fire due to traffic and the difference in elevation.

Iowa Combine Fire

Respond with the Battle Creek Volunteer Fire Department to this fire.

Driver-Only at a Car Fire

A one-man show at this fire in North Carolina.

Firefighter Down at RV Fire

A Los Angeles firefighter was injured when a car drove over a hoseline and caused him to be knocked down.


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