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At Least Seven Killed in 20-Car Pileup in Utah

At least seven people were killed in a 20-vehicle pileup crash during a sandstorm Sunday afternoon.

Massive Fire Damages Fire Trucks in Utah

Multiple fire trucks were damaged during a massive fire that destroyed an apartment complex and five nearby homes in Ogden, UT.

Wildfires Smolder Across Drought-Stricken Southwest

A wildfire in Arizona that had neighboring New Mexico breathing in smoke was one of several blazes scorching the drought-stricken Southwest, signaling what could be a devastating summer.

Grim Western Wildfire Season Starts Drier Than 2020 Record

“I think the Southwest is really primed for a bad fire season,” University of Utah fire scientist Phil Dennison said.
Authorities work the scene of a tour bus crash near Bryce Canyon National Park on Sept. 20, 2019, in Utah.

Utah Tour Bus That Crashed and Killed Four Had Previous Problem

A tour bus that crashed and killed four Chinese tourists near a national park in Utah in 2019 had problems earlier that day with the engine.

Unified Fire Recruit Class, Week 3

This week we focused primarily on fire behavior. The recruits also had lessons on ropes and knots, ladders, and for the first time- they drove our fire engines.

Unified Fire Recruit Class, Week 2

The recruits had lessons on building construction, hose deployments, leadership, and for the first time- they entered into a real fire environment.

Unified Fire Recruit Class, Week1

This has been an intense and exciting first week for these 36 recruits.

Driver Strikes Salt Lake City Fire Engine at Firehouse

Two Salt Lake City firefighters were hurt when a car struck their fire engine outside their firehouse.

Four Dead, Four Injured in Utah Avalanche

Search and rescue teams from several agencies are involved in recovery work.


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