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USFA: Illinois On-Duty Death

Firefighter Mario Araujo contracted COVID-19 from exposure from a patient with a known case of COVID-19.

USFA: Kentucky On-Duty Death

To date, 22 firefighter fatalities have been reported to USFA in 2020.

USFA: Indiana On-Duty Death

Firefighter John Schoffstall contracted COVID-19 from working with another firefighter who had subsequently tested positive for the virus.

USFA: Michigan On-Duty Death

To date, 20 firefighter fatalities have been reported to USFA in 2020.

USFA: COVID-19 Cost Recovery for Fire & EMS Departments

Across the nation, fire and emergency medical services (EMS) organizations are engaged in community-wide efforts to respond to the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) emergency.

USFA: West Virginia On-Duty Death

Montcalm firefighter collapsed at home after a residential structure fire.

COVID-19: Make Infection Control a Priority

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has published interim guidance on COVID-19 for all first responders.

USFA: The Hidden Dangers in Firefighting Foam

Personnel at departments that use firefighting AFFFs with PFAS/PFOA/PFOS should practice the following controls to stay safe from exposure.

USFA: North Carolina On-Duty Death

After arriving on the scene of a structure fire the safety officer collapsed.

USFA: Pennsylvania On-Duty Death

Firefighter Jerome Guise was fatally injured when the structure’s heavy timber front porch roof collapsed on him.


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