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USFA: North Carolina On-Duty Death

Firefighter Joshua Megill, 21, of Perrytown (NC) Volunteer Fire Department.

USFA: North Carolina On-Duty Death

Firefighter Jeffrey Hager, 46, of the Huntersville (NC) Fire Department.

USFA: Idaho On-Duty Death

Chief Jon Delvalle, 63, of the Garden Valley (ID) Fire Protection District.

USFA: Arizona On-Duty Death

Firefighter/Paramedic Miguel Angulo, 42, of the Phoenix (AZ) Fire Department.

USFA: Mississippi On-Duty Death

District Chief Marshal Hilley, 53, of Gulfport Fire Department.

USFA: Florida On-Duty Death

Chief Randall “Randy” Burnham, 53, of Lake City (FL) Fire Department.

USFA: Georgia On-Duty Death

Firefighter/Paramedic John Clay Gaddy, 48, of Forest Park Fire and Emergency Services.

USFA: Texas On-Duty Death

Driver/Engineer David Leos, 62, of Dallas (TX) Fire-Rescue Department.

USFA: Pennsylvania On-Duty Death

Fire Police Captain Laron Holcomb, 73, of the Ellsworth (PA) Volunteer Fire Department.

USFA: Texas On-Duty Death

Firefighter James Heater, 32, of Orange County (CA) Emergency Services District #1.


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