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USFA: North Carolina On-Duty Death

While on his way to the fire station to respond to a vehicle accident Firefighter Ralph DeBlasi was involved in a single vehicle accident.

Evaluating COVID‑19’s Long-Term Impacts on First Responders

As the country moves into its second year of the COVID‑19 pandemic, many researchers are studying its impacts on first responders, a unique population because of their risk of exposure and re-exposure on the job.

USFA: Analysis of NFIRS Incidents in the Wildland Urban Interface

Using NFIRS data, this report examines the fire incidents in WUI areas in California in terms of travel time, loss measures and fire cause for the years 2009 to 2011 and compares those incidents to those outside WUI areas.

USFA: Wyoming On-Duty Death

Smokejumper/Firefighter Tim Hart was working the Eiks Fire in New Mexico when he was injured.

USFA: California On-Duty Death

Firefighter Specialist Tory Carlon was shot and killed and a captain was injured at the Agua Dulce Fire Station.

USFA: Residential Building Fires, 2017 – 2019

National estimates for 2017 to 2019 show that 77% of all fire deaths and 75% of all fire injuries occurred in residential buildings.

USFA: North Carolina On-Duty Death

LaGrange firefighter suffered a heart attack at home.

USFA: Advice for Public Safety Officials on LMR Encryption

Encryption of public safety radio traffic has taken on new importance as agencies face the challenges of a pandemic and civil unrest added to their traditional mission.

USFA: Connecticut On-Duty Death

During the fire, Firefighter Torres was in trouble and transmitted a mayday.

USFA: Ohio On-Duty Death

Senior Firefighter Jeffrey Eugene Armes, while at the scene of a residential fire, collapsed.


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