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Massachusetts Firefighters Union Refuses to Remove ‘Thin Blue Line’ Flags

Hingham firefighters had been displaying the flags on the anniversary of an officer’s death.

Thieves Target Memphis Firefighters’ Vehicles

Memphis firefighters hope cameras will help stop a rash of vehicle break-ins.

Minneapolis Firefighters Criticize Chief’s Response to Riots, Fires

Critics say Minneapolis Fire Chief John Fruetel should have called in more firefighters and mutual aid departments.

Denver Chief Resigns, Cites Repeat of Banquet Behavior and Fresh Perspective

Tade said he was frustrated with not making more progress on cultural issues that led to lawsuits.

Denver Fire Chief to Resign Over Another Racy Firefighters Ball

A second year where the event had coarse humor and sexual innuendoes.

New Bedford, MA Ends Rolling Blackouts by Closing Firehouse

Rotating fire company blackout in New Bedford ends in March with a firehouse closing.

Camden Firefighters’ Union Meet Over Possible Layoffs

Firefighters meet to address the possibility of layoffs as a federal staffing grant is scheduled to end in June.

Union Hits at Volunteer Staffing in Fatal Maryland Fire

A fatal fire in Prince George’s County has the union calling attention to volunteer staffing.


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