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Transparency and Trust in the IAFF

PFAS and other chemicals in firefighter gear, pension and health care issues affecting firefighter retirees, union political endorsements, and more.

Massachusetts Firefighters, Mayor at Odds Over Whether COVID-19 is an On-Duty Injury

Attleboro mayor wants proof firefighters contracted virus on-duty.

Fatal Fires Put Florida Union, County Commissioners at Odds Over Resources

Escambia County Professional Firefighters call for change in staffing and funding.

Humpday Hangout: Firefighters and Unions

Hosts Frank Ricci and P.J. Norwood are joined by Jake Lemonda to talk about the future of the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF).

IAFF General President Harold Schaitberger Decides Not to Run for Re-Election

"I have sadly watched as division has been sewn within our ranks. I see much of the anger and politics of personal destruction that have spread on social media."

Pennsylvania Voters to Decide on Future of Paid Firefighters

Larksville residents will vote on paying higher taxes to keep the fire department’s paid firefighters.

Another Town Manager Orders ‘Thin Blue Line’ Flags Removed from Massachusetts Fire Trucks

Danvers chief and firefighters forced to comply based on one complaint about flags.

Massachusetts Firefighters in ‘Thin Blue Line’ Flag Controversy Give Chief a Vote of ‘No...

The handling of a ‘Thin Blue Line’ flag in the Hingham Fire Department is just one on several problems the firefighters have with their fire chief.

Massachusetts Firefighters Union Takes ‘Thin Blue Line’ Flag Across State

Flag in center of Hingham controversy will appear in supporting communities.


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