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Social Media Shoutout: Stockton Firefighters Local 456

Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Union-Backed Bill Gives Job Security to Seasonal Cal Fire Firefighters

Seasonal employees would be covered by the Firefighters Procedural Bill of Rights.

Firehouse Closings Begin in Oakland

Oakland begins temporary firehouse closings on Thursday to save $5 million.

Los Angeles Firefighters Union Agrees to Delay Raises to Avoid Layoffs

Hundreds of layoffs, as well as furloughs, continue to be under serious consideration.

New York City Manager, Fire Chief Proposes One Engine Response

Ogdensburg city manager, also the fire chief, reduces structure fire response to one engine.

Kansas City Union Calls for Removal of Fire Chief

Union leaders raised concerns about increased emergency response times "due to poor decisions and bad policy."

Massachusetts Firefighters Union Slams State’s COVID-19 Vaccination Plan

State is leaving vaccinations of first responders up to the local boards of health.

Transparency and Trust in the IAFF

PFAS and other chemicals in firefighter gear, pension and health care issues affecting firefighter retirees, union political endorsements, and more.

Massachusetts Firefighters’ Union Want New Chief from Within

Haverhill Local 1011 sent a letter to other unions asking its members to not apply for the job.

Massachusetts Firefighters, Mayor at Odds Over Whether COVID-19 is an On-Duty Injury

Attleboro mayor wants proof firefighters contracted virus on-duty.


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