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New Haven Union Hits City Leadership Over Unsafe Conditions

When asked if the fire may have had a different outcome had there been a chief of operations on the scene Cannon stated, “We were warned to not go there. I’m going there. Yes.”

Rochester Union Says Ambulance Delay is Cause to Switch to Fire-based EMS

Santiago says a solution here could be a fire-based EMS service, and help take the stress off the system.

Labor Agreement Address Racial Bias in Kansas City Fire Department

The department's proposed contract with Local 42 would end a practice that often excluded Black firefighters from choice assignments at busy stations.

Statement from General President Edward A. Kelly on L.A. County Fire Station Shooting

The IAFF stands ready to deploy any and all services needed by our sisters and brothers in Los Angeles County.

Nearly Half of Philadelphia’s Firefighters Skipped COVID-19 Vaccine

Nearly half of Philadelphia's fire and police workers are unvaccinated despite being eligible to receive the shot for months, according to unions representing both groups.

California Firefighters Union Withholds Support for Governor

Tim Edwards, president of Cal Fire Local 2881, said he's not ready just yet to throw his support behind the governor who, along with the Legislature, cut the pay of his roughly 6,000 members.
Houston Professional Fire Fighters Association

Appeals Court Rules for Houston Firefighters in Collective Bargaining Case

In a 34-page opinion, the 14th Court affirmed a lower court ruling won by Houston firefighters.

Union Calls Current Staffing in Massachusetts Fire Department “Unsafe”

Natick firefighters are working with below minimum staffing leading to firefighters being pulled off fire engines to answer ambulance calls.
Watertown Fire Dept.

Watertown, New York, Firefighters’ Union Will Meet Second Time with Mediator

The city and its firefighters' union will meet with a mediator for a second time after they discussed their negotiations on Monday.
Mission Fire Department

Mission, Texas Firefighters Union Issues No-Confidence Vote Against Chiefs

The Mission Fire Fighters Association issued a no-confidence vote against Fire Chief Gilbert Sanchez and Assistant Fire Chief Rene Alvarez.


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