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UL FSRI: Residential Flashover Prevention

The objective of this study is to optimize the flow rate and distribution of water needed to prevent flashover in a residential fire scenario.

National Fireman’s Journal Podcast with Ray McCormack

Ray and Bobby talk about training, hose stretches, firefighting, UL studies and more.

UL FSRI: Residential Flashover Prevention Research

Investigating the flow rate and distribution of water needed to prevent flashover in residential fire scenarios.

Coordinated Fire Attack: Strip Malls

The "Exploratory Analysis of the Impact of Ventilation on Strip Mall Fires" report provides a fire dynamics analysis of each experiment.

Stream Testing: Deflection into the Fire Room

Miami-Dade Fire rescue testing stream deflection off the door frame and into the fire room.

UL FSRI Releases Research Report on Coordinated Fire Attack in Commercial Malls

Expanding on previous research to understand the impact of coordinated suppression and ventilation during a commercial strip mall fire.

UL FSRI Releases New Online Course: Cardiovascular and Chemical Exposure Risk Considerations During Training

This course is designed to provide insight into some of the risks associated with training fires that use traditional wood-based fuel as well as theatrical smoke or engineered wood products.

UL FSRI: Coordinated Fire Attack, Single-Family Residential Structures

A brief overview of the “Study of Coordinated Fire Attack Utilizing Acquired Structures” experiments.

UL FSRI Report: Analysis of the Coordination of Suppression and Ventilation in Single-Family Homes

This experimental series included second-story bedroom fires (14 experiments) and first-floor kitchen fires (6 experiments).

Science in the Big Room – Coordinated Fire Attack

Join us at FDIC 2020 for this UL FSRI presentation.


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