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New UL FSRI Online Training Addresses Firefighter Safety Concerns Related to Flammable Refrigerants

Over the past few years, UL’s Fire Research and Development team has been involved in an ongoing conversation with AHRI and the fire service that seeks common solutions for both industry and firefighter safety related to incidents involving flammable refrigerants.

UL FSRI: Energy Storage System Installation Test Report Now Available

This research demonstrates a clear need for responding firefighters to have early access to data from instrumentation installed within an ESS, particularly gas measurement instrumentation, available through a monitoring panel.

Research: Heat Release Rate Characterization of NFPA 1403 Compliant Training Fuels

While NFPA 1403 provides detail about the types of fuel that can be used, it offers less definitive guidance about the quantity of fuel.

Research Available on Hood Design, Laundering, Doffing, and Protection

Effects of Firefighting Hood Design, Laundering and Doffing on Smoke Protection, Heat Stress and Wearability

UL FSRI Launches Fire Pattern Course for Fire Investigators

To aid fire investigators in recognizing and explaining the impact of fixed ventilation on fire damage patterns in residential structures, UL FSRI has developed this new, free course.

UL FSRI: How Can We Support You?

How can UL FSRI support members of the fire service and fire industry?

NIOSH: Row House Firefighting Safety

NIOSH recommends the fact sheet be used in training efforts

FDNY Exterior Fire Control

Specific uses of exterior water streams and the importance of fireground communication and coordination.

UL FSRI Firefighter Safety Training Course on Photovoltaic Systems Now Available

Online training addresses safety considerations related to fighting fires involving solar energy
Ryan Lamping, William Carey, Limestone Fire Department, and Samuel Hittle photo

Discussing Fire Research & Fireground Tactics

Changes some departments have made based on previous research.


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