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Yonkers New Year’s Day Four-Alarm Fire

Truck work for fire in the cockloft at this apartment in Yonkers.

LAFD Woodlawn Fire

E14 was first on scene of a one-story vacant bungalow, previous burn, with heavy smoke showing.

Bridgeport, CT North Avenue Fire

Keith Muratori video of a fire on North Avenue.

Opening Up at Brooklyn All-Hands Fire

Watch as firefighters go to work at this fire at Brooklyn Box 1055.

Two-Alarm Fire at Bronx Warehouse

Opening up at Bronx Box 2476.

Harrisburg, PA Garden-Style Apartment Fire

“Caller reporting smoke and flames from second floor.”

Baltimore City Dwelling Fire

Fire showing in this Mike Hugg Media video.

Harrisburg 14th Street Fire

Multiple helmet cam views of a working fire.
Brooklyn Synagogue fire rescue photos

Videos: Rescues at Brooklyn Synagogue Fire

Pre-arrival and rescues in these videos.
Skyler fire rescue photo with firefighters using cranes

Attic Fire in Queens Private Dwelling

Firefighters battle a two-alarm fire at Box 6146.


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