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Impact Glass Training

How to defeat impact glass with the Miami-Dade Fire Training Division.

Humpday Hangout: The Hazards of Firefighting

Join Bill Gustin and the panel as they pay tribute to our fallen brothers on the 18th anniversary of the Sept. 11

Captain Hager and the Marco Polo Fire

Captain Hager was killed in a building fire at 5119 S. Yosemite Street in Greenwood Village, Colorado after the roof collapsed.

The Door Closest to Apparatus

More often than not, the first line stretched on the fire goes through the front door. More often than not, that is where the first line stretched should go. But why?

NIOSH LODD Report: Two Fire Fighters Die and Three Fire Fighters Injured in a...

Contributing factors and recommendations from a double fatal fire engine crash in West Virginia.

Vertical Ventilation Training

Firefighters use a peaked roof ventilation prop to practive proper sounding, cutting, ventilation functions.

Humpday Hangout: Realism in Fire Training

Our panel of training officers will discuss achieving realism in fire training.

Engine Company Emergencies

As engine companies stretch and operate hoselines, success is totally dependent on the officer, crew members, and their ability to function as part of a team. Through proper training and operation of hoselines in training situations, skill mastery can be developed.

How to Deal with Angry Citizens

It's inevitable that you'll be confronted by customers irate at the latest fire department action. Here's how to diffuse the conflict & stay safe.


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