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Pregnant & Pinned: Extrication Training

A simulation with a pregnant mannequin that responded and reacted as a human would.

Lakeland, Florida Cancer Prevention

The video also features firefighters at the department that are cancer survivors explaining their personal experiences and why prevention is so important in the fight against the cancer epidemic among firefighters.

Medford, Oregon RIT Training

Firefighters train on the Denver Drill and other scenarios in this rapid intervention team training.

North Carolina Trench Rescue Training

The first-ever full civilian firefighter rescue school at the NCANG RTS located in New London, NC.

SCBA Bootcamp: A Firefighter’s Survival Story

This program illustrates the training needs of firefighters and provides multiple skills, maximizing the potential to keep them alive.

Humpday Hangout: Preparing for the Mayday

Preparing for the worst situation.

Report: Wildland Urban Interface Fire Operational Requirements and Capability Analysis

The IPT focused its efforts on requirements for improving operational capabilities and incident response to save lives in WUI fires.

Vertical Ventilation Training

Flat-roof ventilation training with the Bend, OR Fire Department.

San Antonio Firefighters Channel Grief into Training

Since the facility opened in 2018, not only have crews improved in search and rescue performance, the work has also proved therapeutic for everyone involved.

Impact Glass Training

How to defeat impact glass with the Miami-Dade Fire Training Division.


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