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Deploying and Extending Long Hoselines

Engine company training minutes from Fairfax County Fire and Rescue.

Humpday Hangout: The New Chief

This week’s discussion looks at what to expect as a new chief officer.

Health Effects of Sleep Deprivation

"If I can't sleep, I can't recover."

Stockton Truck Work: Two-Story Board-Up

This video capture is taken by the firefighter on Truck 2. He assists with forcible entry and getting the first interior line into place.

Humpday Hangout: The Extreme Hazards of Combustible Housing

Discuss the extreme life hazard of housing the elderly and physically impaired residents in highly combustible lightweight wood multiple dwellings.

Wichita Conex Fire Training

Wichita firefighters add Conex containers to their live fire training.

Video: California Firefighter Injured in Fall from Roof

When the firefighter fell, the training exercise was halted while the firefighter was checked for injuries.

Humpday Hangout: Effective Company-Level Drills

Best practices for training at the small group or company level.

Training on the Bulk Load

Engine company with Clark County, Washington.

Doffing Gloves: Reducing Exposure

We can take steps to avoid exposure to the contaminates deposited on our gear.


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