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First-In Challenges

Apartment fire helmet cam video along with a discussion about challenges from the first-in engine company officer.

We Know How Fire Works, Why Not Our Students?

If recruit schools are measured in months, why are instructor education classes measured in weeks?

Training: More Than Checking the Box

Assessments of the fire department attitude toward training should be ongoing. Training should be part of the fire department “culture” as well as daily expectations rather than an occasional occurrence.

Audio: Philadelphia Engine 29 into a Building

Four firefighters and a civilian were injured after a fire truck crashed into a building in North Philadelphia.

LODD Anniversary: Houston Southwest Inn Fire

Review lessons learned on the anniversary of a commercial structure fire that claimed four firefighters and injured several others.

LODD Anniversary: DCFD Cherry Road Townhouse Fire

After seeing the fire, the fire fighter stated that everything went black and he felt an intense blast of heat.

Live Fire Training in Seattle

Seattle Fire conducts live burn training so that their recruits can practice fire fighting techniques in a realistic but controlled scenario.

10-Second Mask-Up Drill

Over the hood or not?

Connecticut Fire Department Reviews Fire That Injured a Firefighter

10 days after a fire that hospitalized a firefighter, members of the fire department met to discuss what was done correctly and what could be done better.

FDIC 2021: Drive to Survive

The class address topics such as vehicle dynamics, air brakes, brake fade, roadway friction coefficients, stopping distances, critical curve speeds, rollover thresholds, anti-lock brakes, hydroplaning, tire blow outs, drunk driving and seat belt use.


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