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Prolonged Vehicle Extrication & Pre-Fire Intelligence

Extrication and pre-fire intelligence in this discussion.

Too Hot to Handle: Prehospital Stabilization of the Burn Patient

January 25, 2021: Case studies to highlight the role of EMS in the stabilization of the burn patient.

The Roundtable: Training in the New Normal

How has the pandemic changed your training and education?

LODD Anniversary: Maryland Firefighter Caught in Rapid Fire Event

Conditions at the time of entry for the search crew indicated that the fire was under control.

NIOSH LODD Report: Wisconsin Firefighter Killed in Shooting During EMS Incident

One firefighter was shot within 3 seconds of the handgun being produced.

Salem, Oregon Fire Boat Sinks During Training

No firefighters were injured in the incident.

UL FSRI Launches Fire Pattern Course for Fire Investigators

To aid fire investigators in recognizing and explaining the impact of fixed ventilation on fire damage patterns in residential structures, UL FSRI has developed this new, free course.

Worcester Fire Department to Forgo Recruit Academy, Focus on Officer Training

Brownouts might be on the horizon for the Worcester Fire Department.

The Company Officer and Firefighter Training

What are the critical factors to be aware of?

LODD Anniversary: Philadelphia Lieutenant Killed in Row House Fire Collapse

Fire officer killed in collapse of 1800 era house during a fire in 2018.


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