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Violent Crimes Unit now Investigating Watertown (NY) Firefighter’s Death

The fire academy has been questioned in the past for pushing firefighters too hard.
Firefighter at the scene of a house fire in Indianapolis

Critical Thinking for the Aggressive Firefighter: The One Warrior Mindset

Aggressive firefighting and EMS delivery requires not only a solid set of skills but also the ability to make sound operational judgments.
A training helicopter is on fire.

FDIC International 2021: Thursday

It's Thursday at FDIC International and the exhibition halls are now open. The 5K Run was held later in the day.

FDIC International 2021: Wednesday

FDIC International opened with a bang on Wednesday. Watch the video to see what you missed!
Firefighters train on extracting a person.

FDIC International 2021: Tuesday

We're excited to show you all the training and education that happened on Tuesday.

FDIC International 2021: H.O.T., H.O.T., H.O.T.

Check out some pics and a video of the Hands-On Training (H.O.T.) taking place.
A firefighter in turnout gear stands on a latter.

FDIC International 2021: Monday

Here's what happened at FDIC on Monday.

FDIC International 2021: Staying H.O.T.

See some H.O.T. evolution videos and pictures.

FDIC International 2021: Training Videos

FDIC International 2021 is already exceeding expectations in Indianapolis, IN.

Photos: FDIC International 2021 Hands-On Training

H.O.T. Evolutions at FDIC International are something you must experience to fully appreciate.


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