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NTSB: Train Derailed in Fort Worth, TX, After Flooding Weakened Tracks

Federal officials say a train that derailed and caught fire in Fort Worth in 2019 was traveling on tracks that had been weakened by flooding after days of rain.

Remembering the Washington, D.C. 2009 Metro Train Crash

The story of the heroic first responders that entered the scene.

Sabotage Caused Fiery Washington Oil Train Derailment

The incident happened near where two people had been arrested a month before and accused of attempting a terrorist attack on train tracks to disrupt plans for a natural gas pipeline.

Mexico City Metro Overpass Collapse: At Least 20 Dead, 70 Injured

Rescuers search through wreckage of a passenger train overpass collapse onto a busy boulevard in Mexico City.

Why We Should Know

Being familiar with this transportation machinery and their properties will better prepare you for your high-risk/low-frequency event.
In this photo released by the Executive Yuan, rescue workers gather near one end of the train involved in a derailment near the Taroko Gorge area in Hualien, Taiwan on Friday, April 2, 2021.

Truck Knocks Train Off Tracks in Taiwan, Killing at Least 48

A train collided with an unmanned vehicle that had rolled down a hill Friday in eastern Taiwan.

Oakland Firefighters Evacuate Passengers in Train, Truck Collision

Over 100 passengers were evacuated from an Amtrak train after the train hit a truck parked near the tracks and caused a fire.

Maryland Firefighters Respond to Commuter Train Derailment

Montgomery County firefighters responded to a commuter train derailment in Sliver Spring.

Newark Rail Car Fire

Skyler Fire video of Newark, New Jersey firefighters fighting a rail car fire.


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