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First Run for New FDNY Tower Ladder 35

First run for the new Seagrave tower ladder.

Firework Causes Fire at D.C. Seniors Apartment

A Roman candle fired from the street ignited a fire on the 5th-floor balcony of a housing property in Northwest Washington.

Stretching to the Fifth Floor in Manhattan

Engine Company 44 estimates the hoseline stretch at this apartment fire in Manhattan.

Roosevelt, New York Mutual Aid House Fire

Firefighters were met with and battled heavy fire on the second floor and in the attic of a two and a half story, multiple family style private dwelling.

FDNY’s New Tower Ladder 46 Seagrave

Take a look at the first of the new Seagraves coming to the department.

Clutter Delays Searches at Manhattan Fire

Multiple calls for people trapped in a fire at Manhattan Box 1128.

Three-Alarm Ductwork Fire in Manhattan

Watch the FDNY at work on a three-alarm fire involving ductwork in a five-story building in Manhattan.

Towers and Straight Sticks at Work

Firefighters battle a commercial structure fire in Pottsville, Pennsylvania.

Fire in the Cockloft in Brooklyn

Firefighters face fire in the cockloft threatening the exposures at this fire in Brooklyn.


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