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Today’s Safety First Culture vs. High Performance: What Is Too Safe?

The ability to provide progressive, aggressive, and responsive firefighting and rescue services is desired but is often complicated by the “safety first culture” that has overtaken the fire service over the past decade.

Construction Concerns: Modern Materials

Gregory Havel offers this insightful look at how modern building materials shape and alter fire departments' tactics, size-ups, and expectations today.

UAS/Drone Integration and Operations for the Fire Service

Peterson takes an up-close look at the navigation tactics and how best to position your drone during high-rise and other large-structure fires.

Fully Involved: Learn, Coach, Lead

Mark vonAppen defines and then teaches the ultimate leadership principles that will keep fire departments prepared and ready to go at their next major call.

Standpipe Operations

Gustin has vast expertise in large building response to teach the best ways to use the structures standpipes when setting up attack hoselines.

Fire Department UAS Program Implementation

Unmanned aerial systems expert Larson offers these tips to help every fire department begin its own drone program.

Firefighter Line of Duty Deaths: Wellness Counts!

By implementing preventive strategies such as risk screening, exercise training, and sleep hygiene, we can reduce LODDs.

Dealing with Difficult People and Their Organizational Impact

Streich discusses how the fire service must handle personnel who cause unneeded mental stress in and out of the firehouse, including bullies, lawbreakers, and angry or violent members.

Fire Ventilation and Flow Path Control

Reick, a regional fire chief in Germany, looks the differences in how Europe studies flow paths and ventilation as well as LODDs compared to their US counterparts.

Improving Safety with Fire Data

Gardner and Black team up to focus on data-driven software that allows fire departments to better understand community risk reduction, public safety, and cancer prevention.


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