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San Antonio, TX, First Responders Prepare to Climb on 9/11’s 20th Anniversary

More than 100 different agencies and around 500 first responders are expected to gather, along with civilians and military personal.

Suspect in Killings of Houston, TX, Family Kills Himself

A specific motive has not been determined in the shooting of the family.

USFA: Texas On-Duty Death

Firefighter James Heater, 32, of Orange County (CA) Emergency Services District #1.

Four Shot Dead in Dubious Houston, TX, House Fire

The dead were adults in their 50s and children who were apparently in the 10 to 13 age range.

San Antonio, TX, Man Shoots at Family in Pick-Up Truck, Gets Arrested, Faces Charges

A handgun was found on the suspect, who remains in custody and faces several charges.

Closed TX Sports Bar Burns; Crews Find Patron Inside

There’s no immediate word as to the man’s identity or why he was inside the establishment at that hour.

NTSB: Train Derailed in Fort Worth, TX, After Flooding Weakened Tracks

Federal officials say a train that derailed and caught fire in Fort Worth in 2019 was traveling on tracks that had been weakened by flooding after days of rain.

USFA: Texas On-Duty Death

Upon returning from a call, fellow firefighters found Firefighter/EMT Dylan Rodiek deceased in his room from a possible cardiac-related event.

VIDEO: Dallas (TX) Fire Rescue Battles House Fire

The firefighters were met with heavy fire from the front of a boarded-up house.

Man Locks Girlfriend, Her 2-Year-Old in Burning Apartment, Flees

The boyfriend allegedly locked them in the bedroom and fled, officials said, but firefighters were able to rescue them.


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