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Thermal Imaging and the Oriented Search

Training with the Illinois Fire Service Institute.

Setting Up Your In-House Thermal Imaging Training

Don’t overcomplicate your in-house training program; make it fun yet challenging.

Miami Dade Drone Use

Miami Dade Fire Rescue shows how they use a drone for fireground reconnaissance.

Command Post View at Queens Three-Alarm Fire

Skyler Fire video from Queens Box 9361 for fire in a mixed-occupancy on Northern Boulevard PLUS related drone, tech, and command training.

LAFD Tests Robotic Firefighting

A look at new technology being tested for firefighting operations.

Colorado Command Training Center

Connor shows us incident command simulation training with South Metro Fire Rescue.

Wheeling, WV Council Approves Buying More Thermal Imagers

Approval allows the department to have a camera on every engine in the city.

Washington Professor Develops Firefighter Tracker

Firefly has been tested several times with the Tacoma Fire Department.

Wisconsin County Brings in AVL to Improve Response Times

Four departments now responding based on closest unit dispatched as determined by AVL.


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